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We serve both homeowners and contractors with large and small projects.

Whether you’re putting up a small fence


You’re a commercial contractor building a sprawling RV storage facility

You’ve come to the right place!

Our experienced staff will help guide you to getting the right equipment on your job.​

Four questions to get your project started:​​

  1. Hole size? 
    (If you’re not sure, that’s ok, we can help)

  2. Approximate quantity?

  3. Soil type? (clay, rocks, roots, sandy-loam etc.?)
    (if you’re not sure, we might have a good guess based on our 30+ years of experience)

  4. Do you need help with: site prep, layout, setting posts, utility trenching?

With your answers in mind send us an email or call 503-829-3364 to get an estimate.


Licenses:   ​

Oregon: #69461​

Washington: #CUSTOHD984LF

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