Solar Anchor Installation
Solar array
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Spread footings
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Trenching - wide
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Trenching - 6"
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Screw anchors installation
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CHD has been serving the solar industry for over a decade now. We help solar contractors focus on what they do best and we handle the difficulties of earthwork for them.

Services include:

  • Hole drilling for traditional concrete pier footings

  • Screw in anchor bases

  • Dig out for spread footings

  • Trenching – Chain style trencher and/or excavator with buckets

Advantages of using CHD:

  • We have the experience to get your job done, we handle the details so you don’t have to

  • We use high quality, heavy duty equipment that can handle even the hard jobs

  • Average lead time of 2-4 weeks

  • Average pricing of:

    • Mobilization/Setup -$150-$400 (Portland metro area)

    • $40-$60 per hole OR screw anchor installation

    • Trenching -$3-$6.50 per linear foot


Click here to see a sample estimate for our service for screw anchor installation in the Portland metro area.

Email or call 503-829-3364 for a detailed estimate or to schedule an on-site evaluation.